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Episode 45 — Season 2 or Something

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It’s a new highly anticipated episode of what might be the world’s most irregular and/or infrequent podcast, with more waffles than ever. In this episode we talk about:

  • Zoom, Neal Stephenson, the ATO and security scares
  • Matt overthinking things and forgetting his Salesforce basics (i.e. query selectivity in triggers)
  • Formula One
  • 10x developers
  • Working out when to upgrade your tools
  • Accenture’s SF Power Kit for DX
  • Testing
  • Motorbikes, cars and servicing

You can find Accenture’s SF Power Kit here:

The Ad:

The snails:

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Episode 44 – Did We Miss Something?

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Against all odds, it’s an episode of Code Coverage. Topics discussed include:

* Audio problems, not knowing we were actually having some (doh)
* A brief tour or some of the features from Spring ’19
* Salesforce and devops, or not
* The end of a an era Aura
* Lightning Web Components and their likely impact
* New flow builder
* The latest release of OS/2

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Episode 42 — The Guilt

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We really do mean to publish more often. Promise. We even line up times and and everything. 

It’s us again, talking somewhat about Salesforce, but with a few (ok, many) inevitable tangents thrown in. Some of the topics covered:


* Forcelandia and Dreamforce

* Being a male ally

* IDEs and Salesforce (again!)

* Cars and the software that runs them

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Episode 41 – Version 3.14 Beta

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Another year passes, another episode gets release. Well it feels like that anyway. This took a week or so to publish after recording because our tracks got out of sync somehow. It sounds like my track (Matt) has been sped up slightly, with a few glitches pulling them back in time on occasion. So, apologies for that. Topics discussed in this episode:


    • Some actual code that Steven wrote
    • My washing machine
    • Dealing with release bugs
    • Mobile Operating Systems and virtual assistants
    • CRUD, FLS and Security Reviews
    • Salesforce IDEs and tools
    • Software development / programming books we like


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Episode 40 — The Grittier Gritty Re-reboot

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Lo and behold, we recorded again. It’s almost becoming a habit. Once again you’re stuck with myself and Steven rabbiting on about all sorts, including:

  • Using bookmarks in your browser (bleeding edge stuff here)
  • Salesforce (some new cloud thing)
  • Deployment antics and packages
  • How to break production environments
  • Trailhead, DX and Git – the new learning curve
  • Lightning experience performance
  • Steven’s ambitions to be Eminem, certifications and badges
  • Where our listeners (you are very much appreciated!) are located around the world

Episode 39 – The Gritty Reboot

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We’re back, and rambling more than ever. We chat about many things including the Spring release, IDEs and The Welkin Suite, computer keyboards and phones.

I don’t think we talk about JavaScript.

Episode 38 – Jarrod Hunt Bags Developers

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In this episode of Code Coverage Steven is off on a bit of a jolly so instead I’m joined by Jarrod Hunt, a long time BA who’s worked in various roles and is all to familiar with the perils of working with developers. We discuss:

  • The upcoming Down Under Dreaming Conference in Sydney
  • Teaching code concepts to admins: what’s useful for them to know
  • The role of BAs sitting between clients and developers
  • What developers could do better from a BA’s point of view

There’s a few surprising (at least to me) lessons for developers in here, and it’s interesting to see that some of the same things developers look for a team member are the same as those that a BA might look for.

If you’re in Australia then grab your ticket for Down Under Dreaming today before they run out. For $50 you can’t go wrong with some excellent topics on the agenda.