About Code Coverage


Code Coverage is a podcast for developers on the force.com platform, in each episode we talk to a developer about how they got involved with the platform, what they’re working on, technologies they like and what they consider to be their most ‘creative’ solution.

About the Hosts

Matt Lacey (@laceysnr) is a Certified Advanced Developer and the Co-Founder of S.P Keasey Trading Co. and Proximity Insight.  When not hacking away at all things on the Salesforce1 Platform Matt tinkers with old Atari computers and works on his first development passion – Games Development.

Steven Herod (@sherod) is a Certified Advanced Developer and Certified Technical Archited and the Technical Director for Cloud Sherpas in Asia-Pacific and Japan region.  When not coding he’s drawing on whiteboards and explaining to customers how to get the best out of the Salesforce platform.   In his spare time he sleeps.

One thought on “About Code Coverage

  1. Love the podcast, just found it a few shows ago(Trailhead was the topic). Just listened to the one you did from the pub and at the end you said stop by and leave a comment so I thought I would drop by.

    Love the 8-bit styled intro music!

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