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Episode 42 — The Guilt

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We really do mean to publish more often. Promise. We even line up times and and everything. 

It’s us again, talking somewhat about Salesforce, but with a few (ok, many) inevitable tangents thrown in. Some of the topics covered:


* Forcelandia and Dreamforce

* Being a male ally

* IDEs and Salesforce (again!)

* Cars and the software that runs them

Check out this episode!

Episode 41 – Version 3.14 Beta

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Another year passes, another episode gets release. Well it feels like that anyway. This took a week or so to publish after recording because our tracks got out of sync somehow. It sounds like my track (Matt) has been sped up slightly, with a few glitches pulling them back in time on occasion. So, apologies for that. Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Some actual code that Steven wrote
  • My washing machine
  • Dealing with release bugs
  • Mobile Operating Systems and virtual assistants
  • CRUD, FLS and Security Reviews
  • Salesforce IDEs and tools
  • Software development / programming books we like

Check out this episode!

Episode 40 — The Grittier Gritty Re-reboot

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Lo and behold, we recorded again. It’s almost becoming a habit. Once again you’re stuck with myself and Steven rabbiting on about all sorts, including:

  • Using bookmarks in your browser (bleeding edge stuff here)
  • Salesforce (some new cloud thing)
  • Deployment antics and packages
  • How to break production environments
  • Trailhead, DX and Git – the new learning curve
  • Lightning experience performance
  • Steven’s ambitions to be Eminem, certifications and badges
  • Where our listeners (you are very much appreciated!) are located around the world

Episode 39 – The Gritty Reboot

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We’re back, and rambling more than ever. We chat about many things including the Spring release, IDEs and The Welkin Suite, computer keyboards and phones.

I don’t think we talk about JavaScript.

Episode 38 – Jarrod Hunt Bags Developers

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In this episode of Code Coverage Steven is off on a bit of a jolly so instead I’m joined by Jarrod Hunt, a long time BA who’s worked in various roles and is all to familiar with the perils of working with developers. We discuss:

  • The upcoming Down Under Dreaming Conference in Sydney
  • Teaching code concepts to admins: what’s useful for them to know
  • The role of BAs sitting between clients and developers
  • What developers could do better from a BA’s point of view

There’s a few surprising (at least to me) lessons for developers in here, and it’s interesting to see that some of the same things developers look for a team member are the same as those that a BA might look for.

If you’re in Australia then grab your ticket for Down Under Dreaming today before they run out. For $50 you can’t go wrong with some excellent topics on the agenda. 

Episode 37 — Almost Missed It


More rambling! A discussion of various topics, some are even related to Salesforce. In particular we cover:

Episode 33 — Scott Wells on Illuminated Cloud

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In this episode of Code Coverage we talk to Scott Wells, the author of the Illumined Cloud IDE for Salesforce. Illuminated cloud is an alternative IDE built on ItelliJ, and sports many features that make life far easier for developers on the platform. Topics we discuss include:

  • How Scott got started building Illuminated Cloud
  • The feature set of Illuminated Cloud
  • How he implemented the debugger
  • Weirdness with APIs on the platform
  • Dreamforce!

Illuminated Cloud sessions at Dreamforce (links to come, maybe):

Tuesday Morning

Chris Fellows – Illuminated Cloud & Lightning Components

Tuesday Afternoon @ 5:00pm

Scott Wells – Live Demo of Illuminated Cloud