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Published May 22, 2014


Matt and I delighted to get this opportunity to announce something we’ve been talking about among ourselves for quite some time: “Code Coverage: a podcast for Developers on the Salesforce1 Platform”.


The inspiration for this podcast is Jared Miller and Mike Gerholt’s excellent ‘Button Click Admin’ podcast.  Like the Button Click Admin our podcast will be in an interview format and feature one or more guests on topics near and dear to the guest’s heart.

We are aiming to release a new 30 minute episode every two weeks and we really, really want to get the voice of the “Average” developer out there so if you think you might have something interesting to say on a given topic then please get in touch!  (And please err on the side of ‘saying yes’! )


And with that I’d like to introduce our first episode, it’s a deep dive into 6800 Assembly language and Salesforce1 with Keir Bowden, CTO of Brightgen – a MVP and holder of all 7 Salesforce Certifications, including Advanced Developer and Certified Technical Architect and author of Visualforce Cookbook

Keir discusses his background and how he got into
6502 Assembly language
Salesforce1 development  with Visualforce including:
  •  Using Bootstrap
  •  Apache Cordova vs In App browser on iOS.
  • SDK, Salesforce1 and Apache Cordova
  •  Debugging your app with Salesforce1
  •  Online vs ‘Mobile mobile’ apps.
  •  Offline functionality
Keir’s book ‘Visualforce Cookbook’
  •   What’s involved in writing a technical book.
  •   What he was aiming for in writing the book.
Learning to program and teaching people to program
Keir’s tools of choice
What he likes about node.js and developing Javascript
Creative approaches to dashboard refreshing 🙂
Follow Keir at @bobbuzzard
Direct download of audio:  Click here

Direct Download Link

Note: We’re still getting a handle on the audio side of things so apologies for any issues 🙂


  1. John Davies John Davies

    Great stuff, particularly around the underlying technology of Salesforce1 and it’s good to hear that offline support is on the roadmap.

    I also did a bit of 6502 assembly language on my BBC Model A (I never got that far on my first computer, ZX81 – with 16k RAM Pack). Feeling quite nostalgic typing that.

    Really enjoyed listening to this and look forward to more. I was hoping the 8 bit style ‘Player 1: Steven Herod’ graphics would come to life but had to settle for the great music…thanks guys.

  2. Thomas Taylor Thomas Taylor

    Fun show! I look forward to future episodes. Though I’ll probably avoid listening during late night driving excursions, so that I can avoid heart-stopping frantic checks for flashing lights in the rear view.

  3. Mike Mike

    Each episode gets better, really great stuff. Other Salesforce podcasters better watch out!

    P.S I now expect Andrew to integrate Salesforce1 with his BBC computer!

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