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Published January 25, 2015

Kevin (@codefriar) gives us a count down of the 10, 11,  12 Commandments of Apex Development (We added a few).

This is a redux of his (And James Loghry’s @dancinllama) presentation at Dreamforce ’14:

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  1. […] There are other loops (For and For-Each Loops) in Apex, that don’t have this kind of problem. In a future post I’ll take a introduce them, and take inspiration from Kevin Poorman and James Loghry’s fabulous Dreamforce presentations on the Apex 10 Commandments, in which they devote two commandments for what not to do in For Loops. If you haven’t listened to it already, I suggest checking out a recent Podcast (Episode 18 – Kevin Poorman and the Apex 10 Commandments). […]

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