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Published September 2, 2016

So we accidentally had another hiatus. This was entirely unintentional and we’ve talked plenty about recording, it’s just that sometimes life (and work) happens.  We’re back… again… and planning to keep up some momentum this time.

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  1. Hey, guys. I’m the developer of Illuminated Cloud and just wanted to say thanks for the kind words and coverage! It’s also great to get feedback on how it’s not entirely intuitive to know what all is there and how to find it. As a long-time user of IntellIJ IDEA myself, I sometimes take for granted the learning curve of the IDE if you really want to tap into its full feature set. I encourage you and others to take a look at the first item on the FAQ where I enumerate the features and keybindings that I support:

    I also gave an extensive (>2 hours!) demo of the product to the San Diego user group that was recorded and is available for viewing here:

    I demonstrate most of the current features in detail and explain how you might best take advantage of them to increase your productivity.

    I’ll also take a look at ways that I can make on-boarding easier for users new to Illuminated Cloud and/or IntelliJ IDEA. Perhaps something TrailHead-ish might work as a set of working examples.

    Anyway, the main thing I wanted to do was say thanks!

    Best regards,
    Scott Wells

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