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Published July 4, 2014

If you’ve not heard of Carolina Ruiz yet then it can only be assumed that you’ve spent a considerable period offline this year, as she’s one of the two first female MVPs and a force to be reckoned with. The ever-brilliant Mary Scotton interviewed Carolina in her must read Women In Tech blog series.  Carolina works at and writes a development blog in Spanish, called Code and Vogue. In this whirlwind episode we discuss:

  • How Carolina got involved in the platform
  • The South-Spain Developer User Group
  • Presenting Development at Grenada University
  • Spanish resources for Salesforce
  • Communities and Salesforce1
  • Dreaming of an offline Apex compiler
  • Undertaking the Advanced Developer Certification


  1. […] You can read more about Carolina in a Salesforce post “Keep Trying and you will become a Salesforce Developer“, she was also featured on the podcast Code Coverage, which can be found at – Carolina Ruiz on Community Building […]

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