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Published July 20, 2014
Daniel is a 3 times Salesforce MVP, avid Salesforce user, administrator, and developer. He  also helps lead the Salt Lake City area Salesforce User Group.  He blogs at tweets at and codes at
Topics covered
  • How he learned and the importance of Twitter in the process.
Team Development
  • Continuous Integration with and BitBucket.
  • Tools for working with git – SourceTree
  • Books for learning git:  Pro Git
  • IDE tools – MavensMate/Sublime
Remote Objects
  • What you can do with them
  • Changes to Remote Objects coming in Summer ’14

Integrating Salesforce with your Fax Server.  Yes, really.

Apex Testing Tips and his Salesforce Test-Factory framework

Direct Download:

One Comment

  1. This is very interesting. I followed Jeff Douglas’s instructions for Jenkins CI setup, but I’m happy to learn there are more compatible tools being used for CI. Super excited that the community continues to switch away from VF forms in favor of JS remoting.

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